About Me

Who is Everett Hood?

Writing has been a passion of mine for many years. Not writing, has been my reality. It seemed one thing or another kept getting in the way, or perhaps it was just fear of failure. Finally, it became time to take action, and that's exactly what I'm doing. Within the last two years, I rewrote a screenplay which I originally completed in 2008. I then wrote my second screenplay's draft with subsequent revisions until completion. Soon, I will have my third completed screenplay and I am super excited to see where I go from here. I guess you could say, once the writing bug bit, it's creative toxin took over and now I am completely focused on success as a writer.

For years, I spent time working on advancing professionally in my career in healthcare administration. Spending time learning, acquiring additional degrees and certifications. All the while, having a deep down longing to be a writer. While I did the job well, it left me very unfulfilled. I firmly believe, as my homepage reads, vision has no limits. I also believe the biggest limiting factor of success is complacency. 

For me, ideas for stories come easy, but I never fully committed to making writing my life's work until 2017. Now it's something I passionately pursue.  It is my point of no return. Don't get me wrong, I know this is not easy and requires a lot of hard work, but I'm prepared for those challenges. I love the adrenaline rush from creativity. 

Life's too short for us to not follow our dreams. Best of luck.